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Liquor Liability Insurance Provided By Our Agency

When you serve alcohol at a special event or operate a business that offers alcoholic beverages, there's always an inherent risk. Liquor liability insurance from Parson Insurance Agency in Ohio protects your business from losses or damages if your patrons become intoxicated and cause harm to themselves or others.

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Third-party property damage
Third-party bodily injury
Increased cost of compliance
Libel and slander
Underage drinking

Third-party property damage coverage

Risk Factors

An intoxicated customer leaves your establishment and goes on to vandalize a building. Liquor liability insurance can pay for the damages and related legal expenses up to the amount of your policy’s limits.


Liquor liability insurance can cover the cost of repairing or replacing another person’s property that was damaged by an individual who became intoxicated at your business.

Third-party bodily injury coverage

Risk Factors

An intoxicated customer stumbles into another customer at your bar, who falls and breaks an arm. The injured customer sues to recoup the money spent on medical bills.


Suppose a patron who became intoxicated at your business injures another person. In that case, liquor liability insurance can help pay for immediate medical or legal expenses if the injured person sues your business. Your policy can cover the cost of your customer’s direct medical expenses, such as the ambulance ride and emergency room visit.

Increased cost of compliance coverage

Risk Factors

An overserved patron can cause accidental damage to his property or himself and file a lawsuit against you later.


If a lawsuit is filed over an incident related to an overserved patron, liquor liability insurance can help cover Court costs, Attorney’s fees, and Settlements.

Libel and slander coverage

Risk Factors

Libel and slander can make your business liable for any sort of expenses or damages to a person mentally or physically.


For claims of libel and slander, general liability insurance can provide protection, as long as the policy doesn’t have an exemption for alcohol-related claims.

Underage drinking coverage

Risk Factors

Though incidents related to underage drinking cannot be protected against with insurance, you may have legal recourse if the minor had a realistic-looking fake ID.


It is always better to consult your insurance advisor and get accurate coverage for the same.

Understanding Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance protects businesses that sell, serve, or distribute alcohol. This specialized insurance can cover claims of property damage or physical harm brought on by an intoxicated individual after being served alcohol by your business.

Liquor liability insurance assists with the following if your company is sued:

  • Legal fees
  • Settlements or judgments
  • Property repair costs
  • Medical expenses for treating injuries

Businesses commonly requiring liquor liability insurance include bars, breweries, restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores, wineries, and grocery stores. Any business selling alcohol in Ohio, regardless of size, should consider this coverage. Sometimes, obtaining a liquor license or commercial lease is a legal requirement.

Coverage Details of Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance typically includes:

  • Assault and battery coverage: If a customer you served alcohol to physically harms another person.
  • Drunk driving incidents: If an intoxicated person served by your business damages property or causes an accident resulting in injury to another driver.
  • Property damage: Caused by a customer under the influence of alcohol.

Liquor liability insurance is especially crucial in states with dram shop laws, which can hold businesses accountable if they serve alcohol to intoxicated individuals who then cause injury or property damage.

Tailoring Your Liquor Liability Insurance

At Parson Insurance Agency, we can customize liquor liability insurance to fit your business needs in Ohio. For instance, a bar owner might need assault and battery coverage to protect against claims involving bouncers or staff members who consume alcohol while on duty. Coverage can also include protection against allegations of emotional distress, specific acts of aggression, and more.

By comparing different policy coverage limits, you can select the right level of protection for your business. Speak with us at Parson Insurance Agency to identify your company's most critical coverage areas and find a comprehensive protection policy.

When choosing the appropriate insurance limit, it's essential to ensure the coverage maximum reflects the completed value of the structure, considering all materials and labor costs, excluding land value. The building budget is the best guide for determining the right insurance limit.

Protect your business with liquor liability insurance from Parson Insurance Agency in Ohio. Contact us today to learn more and get a customized policy tailored to your needs.

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